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I am committed to providing you the best remedy for painful and unsightly feet with the least down time and inconvenience. With my years of experience using the latest proven techniques, I am able to help you with these special foot problems. If you are having trouble wearing the latest style or work shoes or you cannot get through the day without foot pain I can help you.
The ball of the foot can be plumped with “Pillows for Your Feet” by injecting the same dermal fillers used in the face to relieve the pain form wearing high heels. This also works wonders for the pain from a sandal or flip flop strap between the big toe.

If your foot is too wide and painful from bunion bumps on the inside and outside of the foot, these can be removed making the foot narrower and more comfortable. This does require surgery with local anesthesia and IV sedation for comfort. Most patients are ambulatory the day of surgery, wearing a lace up shoe in three weeks and dress shoes in two months. This unique technique allows us to treat both feet at the same time.

Toe problems can be corrected to give you that “Perfect Ten”. It is no longer necessary to live with an unsightly toes either from previous surgery or heredity. Isolated corns and bumps can be permanently removed with a minimally invasive office procedure with no downtime.


Many of the patients we see for ugly toenails do not have a fungus problem. These nail problems can be corrected with minor office procedures with no or minimal downtime.
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